Bus rental Belgrade

Bus rental Belgrade:
If you are interested in a Bus rental Belgrade and want to cooperate with reliable and experienced professionals, you can contact our “STP Travel agency” and introduce yourself with our “Stojkovic transport”.
We have 23 years of experience in road transport and long-distance routes. We have more than a few millions kilometres behind the wheel and our buses have been transported more than 10,000 satisfied passengers. Whether it’s business or leisure, “Stojkovic transport” has affordable bus hire options to suit your needs, from 49 seater buses to large 89 seater buses.
We wish you safe and happy travels,
“STP Travel agency” and “Stojkovic transport”

Our tourist class buses are equipped with everything you need for a safe and pleasant journey. Our equipment: passenger safety belts, dvd and audio equipment, comfortable reclining seats (the space between the seats is according to law regulations), air conditioner, panoramic shaded windows, etc. All of our vehicles meet the highest standards for domestic and international passenger transportation, as well as the standards for accommodating children. Our passengers and their luggage are covered with travel insurance and third party insurance.

For further information or any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us or send us an email.


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